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Why does a team always outperform an individual?

There are things too often overlooked when answering that question.

First and foremost is that the level of complexity of the successful real estate transaction should not be underestimated. When approaching a transaction as a team of skilled specialists, our clients are able to relax and lean into our expertise as we provide a unified front with the agility to pivot as needed in service of success.

When you hire Andrew and David Associates, you are effectively hiring a small firm to partner with you on your real estate journey. From transaction management to marketing outreach, to project management, to concierge service, the team of Andrew and David Associates bring expertise to each particular moment in your transaction and delivers the best possible service and attention.

Positive client experience is at the center of our success, and our team has been selected for their ability to meet you where you are in your real estate journey and guide you through the landscape of the transaction. No individual agent can bring you all these layers of service with the same quality and attention as a team of motivated experts at the top of their game.

Who you work with matters.

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