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Why would you sell your home off-market?

Finishing 2016 and into the first quarter of 2017 we have had some great success with off-market sales and wanted to talk about the reasons you would consider selling your home in this way.

Low Inventory. In the beginning of the year, homes for sale inventory tends to be at its lowest and therefore it’s a good time to consider an off-market sale. This doesn’t mean there are also fewer buyers. In fact, agents with active buyers at this time of year are hungry to find choices to meet their clients’ needs. An off-market sale, well advertised, can break through the noise and be noticed.

Set your ideal price. The most important thing for a seller considering an off-market sale is to ask for a price that you are not going to second guess. You don’t want to end your transaction wondering “Could I have gotten more if I listed?”. It is especially important, off-market, to work with a top real estate team in your area who understands the local real estate market trends and valuations, has an understanding of the buyer pool, has good relationships across the industry, and the ability to get the attention of agents far and wide.

The high-end luxury home sale. Another segment of the market where off-market sales can be particularly effective is the extreme high end. The high-end seller may not want their home to open to the general public as the offering can draw a very intrusive set of curiosity seekers. The luxury buyer pool is not usually as deep, and those buyers can be expertly identified and accessed by a real estate team who has experience selling in the luxury market. Luxury buyers and sellers are often looking for a concierge experience and an off-market sale allows for a degree of privacy and care that this clientele appreciates.

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