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In this age of electronic devices, this question is more important than ever. The modern consumer has very little time or inclination to delve deeply into every single home available, so making your property stand out visually is crucial.

People often tell us we list the most beautiful homes, but this isn’t true; we start with all levels and types of property. Our goal is to make each home as beautiful and appealing as possible before it goes on the market. Every property is unique, so we pinpoint each specific home’s likely buyer and then orient all of our work on the property, our staging, and our extensive marketing effort toward this particular buyer. Our entire presentation is individualized. Nothing is canned.

We have built a stellar team of professionals dedicated to preparing and launching each home. Suzanne Johanssen, our masterful Project Manager, has assembled a highly skilled set of inexpensive, reliable service providers to help you through this process. Our goal at this stage of your home ownership is not to do any major structural work, but instead to make your home resonate emotionally with buyers. At this stage, any dollar you spend on your home should return much more than a dollar back.

Once your property is ready to be photographed, marketing and storytelling become our focus. David and our Creative Manager, Rachel, write nuanced copy about your home and curate each and every photo to tell your home’s unique story. Nothing is left to chance; everything is oriented toward creating the most cohesive narrative possible. Social media forms a big part of our marketing effort, and each home is featured both on our website and on its own individual site, allowing us to reach the maximum number of potential buyers.

The Bay Area is one of the top real-estate markets in the country, and competition is fierce. We love partnering with our clients and taking them through this exciting journey. We invite you to continue the conversation.

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